ninjaCap Grommets

Existing Grommets

Adding Custom Grommets

There are two steps to adding your own custom grommets to a ninjaCap. First, you must modify a configuration file in AtlasViewer to allow you to add your custom grommet to your probe array. Second, you must provide an STL file of the grommet.

AtlasViewer Instructions –

Open AppSettings.cfg file in Atlasviewer folder and add your custom grommet name under % Grommet types so that this name will appear in the AtlasViewer probe design tool to assign to grommet type to an optode. After updating AppSettings.cfg file, restart the AtlasViewer to see the custom grommet.

Grommet STL Instructions –

Grommets can be designed in SOLIDWORKS, Blender, or other CAD software. For a each grommet, ninjaCap software needs to two STL files. One is grommet.STL and other is grommetComplement.STL. Grommet is used to hold the optode on the cap, grommetComplement is used to remove the background hexagonal structure on the cap so that optode can be inserted. Please see below example of grommet and grommetComplemet for NIRx NSP2 grommet. In the below fig1, circular shape in the center is grommetComplement and outer circular shape with extensions is the grommet. GrommetComplement will be removed from the cap, grommet will be added to the cap to hold an optode. In the fig2, you can see NSP2 grommets on a ninjaCap. Please name grommet as grommet.STL and complement as grommetComplement.STL and add them to a folder. Name the folder with grommet name. For example, folder name for #NSP2 grommet is #NSP2

ninjaCap Generation Instructions for caps with custom grommets –

At this moment, it not possible to generate ninjaCaps with custom grommets on BfNIRS website. If you send us the probe SD file with and custom grommet STL files, we can generate ninjaCap STL files and send it you. In the near future, we will add the option to upload custom grommets on the BfNIRS so that ninjaCaps STL files with custom grommets are generated on the BfNIRS webiste.