ninjaNIRS – A Wearable fNIRS System

ninjaNIRS is a modular and wearable fNIRS system that will ultimately support up to 128 optodes, each with a dual wavelength source and photo-diode detector. The system shown above has 8 of these combined source and detector optodes. The motivation, concept, components and initial performance characterization of the ninjaNIRS system are described in a poster we presented at SPIE Photonics West in 2019.

NinjaNIRS2020: Hardware specifications is here.

NinjaNIRS2021: Hardware specification is here.

Software Resources

The ninjaGUI data acquisition software is available on github here. It is designed to be flexible enough to operate different fNIRS systems. Presently, it is able to operate the TechEn CW6 system in addition to ninjaNIRS.


  • Trigger Box. Samuel West has described a simple arduino based trigger box to add to ninja21 in the forum here.


  • Bernhard Zimmermann, Lead engineer of ninjaNIRS
  • Antonio Ortega Martinez, ninjaGUI software developer and designer of the optode packaging
  • Alexander von Lühmann, ninjaNIRS and ninjaCap developer
  • Sreekanth Kura, ninjaCap developer
  • Nathan Perkins, ninjaCap developer
  • Cameron Snow, ninjaCap developer
  • David Boas, System designer


Our January 2017 prototype to test noise level and dynamic range is described here.