NinjaNIRS 2021

The NinjaNIRS 2021 system is an incremental improvement on the NinjaNIRS 2020 system, utilizing the existing control unit and a new single optode design with custom packaging developed to enable high-density optode arrangements. Each system can control up to 8 sources and 12 detectors along with an accelerometer. Mechanical drawings and hardware files can be downloaded from this page for each component used to make the new NN21 optode modules. Parts for the control unit can be downloaded from the NinjaNIRS 2020 page. Please browse to our Hardware Forum to discuss all aspects of NinjaNIRS2021

Fully equipped NinjaNIRS 2021 system in the 8 source, 12 detector configuration with a Microsoft Surface for control and data colleciton.

System Architecture

NinjaNIRS 2021 System Diagram

Single Optode

There is now a separate module for emitting and detecting but both module types utilize many of the same components and occupy the same footprint. Each optode consists of a PCB, two 3D printed structural components for mounting and mechanical support, epoxy potting compound, and silicone encapsulation formed through injection molding.

Optode Components

Detector Performance

Measured noise equivalent power acquired using a NinjaNIRS 2021 detector prior to application of encapsulation packaging measured at 730 nm.